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Autonomous Underwater

          Vehicle Team

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Team

We are a group of students who compete in the AUVSI International Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) Competition. Our goal is to compete with other universities and to provide students with a creative outlet so they can gain hands-on experience. We must build an autonomous underwater vehicle for this competition.

 Our AUV must complete a mission which consists of a set of tasks. We must follow specific rules and our AUV must meet certain requirements. Points will be given for the tasks completed. Points will also be given for our team’s website, journal paper, uniform, and AUV. It is also possible to earn bonus points for meeting certain weight requirements.

- AUV Team Constitution




Department Leads

Lab Times

O-106 in the Student Competition Building

Bi-Weekly General Meeting Friday 6 p.m.

Mechanical Meet Times

Mondays 6pm || Fridays 2 - 6pm (Open Lab)

Software Meet Times

Thursdays 7pm || Bi-weekly Fridays 4pm

Electrical Meet Times

Friday: Mondays 5pm