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Kennesaw State AUV Team is giving a shout out to Withers Tool in Mableton, GA!

Withers Tool has donated machining time toward our sub this year. They helped us to create aluminium end caps and two phalanges for our autonomous vehicle. Their help has been instrumental in our endeavor and is much appreciated. We are looking forward to showcasing their work at this year's competition in San Diego, California.

We would like to thank Temel Gaskets for supporting our team and producing O-rings for our AUV!

Temel Gaskets was kind enough to design O-rings to fit our acrylic tube. They will prevent water from reaching our camera when the machine has submerged. Over the past few months, we have communicated our technical drawings and specifications with their engineering department to manufacture the components. Temel Gaskets is a global manufacturer of advanced sealing products and heat shields. They have two office locations in Turkey and the United States. Information about their services can be found at


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