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Donation: Perks:
$0 - $75 A logo on Sponsor Tab (Bronze Tier)
$76 - $200 A logo on Sponsor Tab and on the team banner (Silver Tier)
$201 - $500 A logo on Sponsor Tab, on the team banner, and team shirt (Gold Tier)
$501 - ∞ A logo on Sponsor Tab, team banner, team shirt, vehicle, post about donation, special mention in the presentation** (Platinum Tier)

*Donation is calculated based on how much we value the items if the donation is not cash. i.e. 1 hour of pool = $10

**During the presentation at the AUVSI RoboSub competition we will thank all of our sponsors but those in the top tier will be mentioned by name.

Lab Times

O-106 in the Student Competition Building

Bi-Weekly General Meeting Friday 6 p.m.

Mechanical Meet Times

Mondays 6pm || Fridays 2 - 6pm (Open Lab)

Software Meet Times

Thursdays 7pm || Bi-weekly Fridays 4pm

Electrical Meet Times

Friday: Mondays 5pm